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July 23, 2004
Internet Registry director fined for bogus invoice scam.
A Toronto man who targeted over 73,000 business and non-proft organizations across Canada with a deceptive mailout for the renewal of their Internet domain names has been sentenced to a $40,000 fine and a five-year prohibition order...

March 30, 2004
Due to recent outbreak or Email Worms and Viruses taking advantage of leading people to clicking on attachments is currently blocking attachments with the following extensions: .bat,.chm,.cmd,.com,.cpl,.dll,.exe,.hlp,.hta,.ini,.js, .lib,.lnk,.msi,.msp,.ocx,.pif,.reg,.scr,.sct,.shb, .shs,.sys,.vbe,.vbs,.vxd,.wsf,.wsh .
Also be aware that All emails with attached password protected ZIP files will be treated virus contained and rejected. Please seek alternative methods to transmit these documents Click here for one example.

March 03, 2004   Email worm Alert!
New email worm variants are cluttering the Internet and reaching our customer's Email accounts. These email worms appear to come from generically " team" or other randomly selected email address and would lead you to click on the attached document. These are forged emails generated by Bagle.J@MM Email Worm and several others. For detailed description please go to Symantec AntiVirus Research Centre.

Sept. 23, 2003
Surgemail has been deployed for all customers to use. Surgemail is a new mail server that offers all its features to our customer's fingertips (Forwarding, SPAM Blocking, AntiVirus, and more). It is beneficial for all customers to review the migration process on our website and take advantage of Surgemail Today!

Aug 05, 2003
Warning - if you received an email from with a subject "your account      asdfwem" stating about your email address expiring. This message is not an administrative notice, but an automatically generated E-Mail by an Internet worm called MIMAIL. There's no harm about receiveing this message, the attachment takes two steps in order to activate the worm.
More Details can be found on F-Secure's website.

May 16, 2003
Spam. It seems like it's taking over. What is spam, and what is being done about it? If you want more information about spam, this FAQ should answer most of your questions.

Nov 12, 2002
WINCOM has recently been acquired by Primus Canada. This is extremely positive news, which opens up a new selection of business and residential services with the same level of customer services that you've grown to expect from WINCOM.

For details on the Primus Canada suite of products, please click here:

Make it Fast, make it Really Fast!
The same copper telephone wires that are already offering you voice and 56k services can offer you Fast and Really Fast Internet without compromising the other two. We're offering 1MB and 3MB DSL at competitive rates while offering superb Internet services to your home. We know what it's like to have Really Fast Internet while at work and we'd like to share that with you.

WINCOM has found programs on the Internet that would force your computer to secretly dial a long distance telephone number, running up your phone bill. Click here for details.

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