Peche Island

A collection of pictures taken, adventures enjoyed, and articles written over the past several years.





The Elusive Sirens of Peche Island

Greek mythology has it that sea nymphs (part woman, part bird) who by their sweet song about hamburgers and beer lured mariners to their destruction on the rocks surrounding Peche Island.

To make a visit to the island possible and to survive we would stuff our ears with buns (high in fibre) so we should not hear their strain; or duct-tape ourselves to a keg of heavy stock ale to avoid their influence.

It is only through these deeds that we have returned to show rare photographs and tell these stories.


Geotagged images and Google Earth

Thirty images have been geotagged on Peche Island. Their image information contains, among other things, the location of where the picture was taken, expressed in degrees latitude and longitude. Viewing these pictures on Google Earth shows their position on the island. Clicking on the tag produces the photograph.

Click the  picture of the satellite above then choose Satellite View in the new window to see a dramatic high-resolution image of Peche Island and the position of its landmarks.

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The list of  Successful Visits as seen on the right contain photos taken on Peche Island.  Only two of those links contain geotagged photos.  For your convenience they are listed here.

June 11

April 8  - Pictures taken with their locations geotagged.

and of course the link as described above: Geotagged images and Google Earth

Successful Visits 

(The most recent is first)

April 17 - First attempt at video - (Rudy)

March 27 - The first visit of 2009.

August 22  -  (Rudy)

June 19  -  (Jim)

June 11

April 8  - Pictures taken with their locations geotagged.

March 28 - The first visit of 2008.

Compare water levels September to November 2007

June 11, 2007 The Art Gallery

April 17, 2007 The canals were clear

March 13, 2007 (lots of ice) Two pages

December 30, 2006 (the last visit of the year)

November 2006 (more fall colours)

October 2006 (Fall colours)

July 2006 (going solo)

June 2006 (Grandma & Anita)

June 2006 (Ed)

May 2006 (Ed & Tim)

November 2005 (Marie, Tim & Anita)

October 2005

May 2004

April 2004

July 2003 (Kevin)

July 2003 (Anita & Candace)

May 2003 (Rudy)

October 2002 (Anita)

October 2001 (Doug, Ed, Tim)

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